Best Aquarium CO2 Regulator – 2023 Reviews

Here's our guide of the best aquarium co2 regulators in 2023

best co2 regulators for aquariumsJust as humans and fish require a certain among of oxygen in their habitats, plants require a certain amount of carbon dioxide in their environment as well. More specifically, in order for plants to thrive in your aquarium, they require a certain amount of CO2 in order to grow properly, thus affecting the health of your fish as well, since healthy plants are responsible for delivering certain nutrients to the fish residing in the aquarium.

Given the importance of CO2 on the plants and organisms inside of your aquarium, it’s important that you maintain the right levels of CO2 in your tank at all times. But it can be difficult to regulate the CO2 levels by using mere expertise. Because of that, you may find it beneficial to purchase and install a CO2 regulator in your aquarium. It can be difficult to choose the best aquarium CO2 regulator on the market, so I’ve put together this guide that can help you in your buying process.


Benefits of Aquarium CO2 Regulators


Ensure health of plants with a Co2 regulator

CO2 regulators are highly recommended for your tank because they’re able to ensure that your plants receive the right amount of CO2 that they need in order to grow and thrive properly. Not having enough carbon dioxide in your aquarium can lead to negative problems, since your plants aren’t receiving the nutrients that they need. By not having the recommended nutrients, aquarium plants have pale leaves and their growth will likely be stunted.


Improve health of fish

Not only does having the correct amount of CO2 affect the health of your plants, but the CO2 levels have the ability to affect the health of your fish. More specifically, if there is too much CO2 in the fish tank, your fish face negative health conditions from that alone. But having an excess amount of CO2 also promotes the growth of algae, further negatively affecting the health of fish, since algae create environmental conditions that risk the fish developing illnesses.

So by evaluating and regulating the amount of CO2 in the water, you don’t have to worry about algae growth or the diminished health of plants, fish, and other organisms.


Available accessories

Most aquarium CO2 regulators offer various different accessories that you can benefit from and use for your convenience. For instance, most regulators have needle valves that help you to precisely control the amount of CO2 that enters into the fish tank. Other regulators have bubble counters, that help you to regulate the amount of air bubbles that enter into the tank.

Other accessories that may be included with your purchase of an aquarium CO2 regulator are solenoid valves, gauges, check valve devices, and washers. Each of these functions helps you to make your use of the device more convenient and customizable to the organisms inside of your tank in particular.


Reduce the growth of algae

Lastly, aquarium CO2 regulators are also able to combat the growth of algae from developing in your fish tank, so they can actually lengthen the life of your aquarium overall. Algae is highly dangerous to the life of the organisms inside of your tank, since they create infectious conditions in the water that threaten the organisms’ lives.

Algae thrives in water conditions that contain large levels of CO2, and it also creates an abundance of ammonia. Because of that, your fish’s lives are at risk, since these elements can eventually kill your fish.


Attributes to Consider Before Buying a Co2 Regulator


Tank size

It’s important that you purchase a CO2 regulator that’s able to maintain healthy CO2 levels throughout your whole entire tank. Because of the different sizes of tanks on the market, this may mean that you have to find a regulator that’s large and fast enough to adequately maintain the proper levels of CO2. Without having a regulator that’s suitable for the size of your tank, the device may not be able to effectively keep the levels where they should be, which can then result in negative reactions in your tank to not only the plants, but also to the fish and other organisms inside of the tank.


Type of tank you have

Aside from the size of your tank, you should also consider what type of tank that you have, since there may be some organisms inside of your tank that require certain levels of CO2 that vary. More specifically, if you have a strictly planted aquarium, then you’ll need a regulator that can provide all of your specific plants with the right levels of CO2.

On the other hand, if you have a tank that’s strictly fish-only or it contains fish in addition to plants, then you’ll want to make sure that the regulator can adequately provide your tank with the right amount of CO2 for your plants while also keeping the levels within the limits required for the health of the fish.


How much light your tank is already exposed to

In natural environments, underwater plants have the ability to retrieve all of their carbon dioxide from the decaying plants as well as the sun’s exposure to the water. But since aquarium tanks don’t have decaying matter, the plants have to retrieve their carbon dioxide from other means. That’s why it’s important that you consider how much sunlight your tank is already exposed to, since you don’t want to overexpose your tank to CO2 and result in algae growth.

You should refrain from putting your tank in locations that have 100% direct sunlight anyway, since this can affect the chemical levels as well as the water conditions altogether, making the water more difficult to monitor. But the CO2 levels is also another important factor to consider when you’re thinking about placing your tank in locations that have some exposure to the sunlight.



Lastly, you’ll want to make sure that you have a CO2 regulator that’s simple to read. Having one that’s difficult to read can be a pain, and it can even lead to incorrect readings of the CO2 levels. This can result in either too much or too little CO2 in the tank overall, which is problematic for your organisms’ environment. You’ll want to find a CO2 regulator that has a gauge to easily read the tank’s levels of CO2.

Have a look here at what CO2 can do to your tank:


Best Aquarium CO2 Regulators in 2023


1. S.T. International Aquarium 2-Gauge Professional CO2 Regulator

This CO2 regulator from S.T. International is highly recommended for you because it presents a deign that’s easily customizable to fit the needs of your aquarium. More specifically, this regulator contains a decompression pressure gauge that can be easily adjusted in order to maintain a stable and accurate CO2 balance throughout your whole tank.

Not only that, but this S.T. International CO2 regulator is recommended because it comes with a patented solenoid magnetic valve that’s east to use for your convenience. It’s also convenient for you because you have the ability to use disposable cartridges with this product. Furthermore, you can confidently place your aquarium in quieter places, like your bedroom or the office, since this device is able to operate quietly without disturbing your sleep or concentration.


  • Quiet operation
  • Energy efficient
  • Features a patented solenoid magnetic valve


  • More expensive than most of the other CO2 regulators on this list


2. Aquatek Of California Mini CO2 Regulator

You should check out this Aquatek CO2 regulator because it has the ability to connect to other types of CO2 tanks, including those used for paintball. Not only is it compatible with various tanks, but this device doesn’t require an adaptor in order to connect to these other tanks, providing you with the ability to easily setup and install this regulator to your aquarium.

Moreover, this Aquatek of California CO2 regulator features a cool-touch industrial solenoid design that allows for user-friendly services, since it’s easier to operate than most other types of regulators on the market. Additionally, this device is equipped with a precision needle that allows for more fine tuning and precision when it’s releasing CO2 into the aquarium water. Lastly, this device includes a bubble counter as well as an integrated check valve for more customization to fit your aquarium specifically.


  • Compatible with various other tanks
  • Includes a precision needle valve, bubble counter, and a check valve
  • Easy installation


  • More expensive than some other CO2 regulators on the market


3. U.P. Aqua CO2 Regulator with 2 Gauges and Adjustable Valve

You’re advised to check out this U.P. Aqua CO2 regulator because it’s specifically designed in order to accommodate for user-friendly features. For instance, this device is equipped with an adjustable working pressure, which is beneficial for customizing this device’s performance to your type of aquarium specifically.

Not only that, but this device also comes with a decompress pressure valve for further customization as well as a connector that gives the device the ability to easily connect to your aquarium. Lastly, the U.P. Aqua CO2 regulator features a durable brass construction that can allow for maximized stability while you’re using the device.


  • Affordable
  • Durable brass construction
  • Adjustable working pressure


  • May rust in the future


4. SR Aquaristik Dual Stage CO2 Regulator

The SR Aquaristik Dual Stage CO2 Regulator is suggested for you because it’s able to offer an extremely accurate CO2 reading, and it can accommodate for the readings by adequately controlling both the input as well as the output of the excess CO2. Given the precise readings as well as the control of this product, it’s highly beneficial for placing in both planted aquariums as well as aquariums that have both plants as well as fish.

Furthermore, this device is able to display the canister pressure as well as the amount of CO2 output, which is highly beneficial for user-friendly services because it can easily be read and interpreted by individuals of all skill levels within the fishkeeping industry.


  • Compatible with pH controllers as well as standard timers
  • Contains a dual stage valve for safety
  • Provides precise control and readings of CO2 levels


  • Doesn’t come with tubing or a diffuser


5. Fzone Triple Stage Aquarium CO2 Regulator

The Fzone Aquarium CO2 regulator is recommended for you to consider purchasing because it features a triple decompression pressure that’s adjustable in order to fit the needs of the organisms inside of your tank specifically. This regulator’s triple stage design gives it the ability to offer a stable output pressure, which I find extremely helpful because I don’t have to worry about the flowrate changing and affecting the tank’s condition without me knowing.

In addition to those benefits, this CO2 regulator is able to fit a variety of different sized tanks, since it’s compatible with 5/8 inch UNF threaded cartridges. It also includes a bubble counter, check valve functions, and all of the tools required for assembly.


  • Affordable
  • 12V DC solenoid design with a precision needle
  • One size fits most aquariums tanks


  • Previous customers say that the regulator leaks



Overall, each of these CO2 regulators are able to offer you a wide range of benefits, including the ability to properly maintain the CO2 levels of your tank that are needed specifically for the organisms that you own. Given that each of these regulators offer varying features, it can be difficult to choose the best one for your specific needs.

Because of that, the best aquarium CO2 regulator is product #5: Fzone Triple Stage Aquarium CO2 Regulator. Not only is this device available at an affordable price, but it also contains the best features for individuals of all skill levels within the fishkeeping industry, such as a triple stage design, a 12-Volt DC solenoid valve, a bubble counter as well as a check valve function. Given these beneficial features as well as the affordable price of the product, you should purchase the Fzone Triple Stage Aquarium CO2 Regulator on the market.

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