The Best Aquarium Stands For Your Fish Tank

Looking for the best aquarium stands for your fish tank?

best fish stand Whether you’ve been in the fishkeeping industry for a while or you’re a beginner to caring for fish, you are most likely aware that the setup of your equipment largely affects the well-being and overall mood of your fish. 

For instance, you should make sure that your fishing setup is able to offer your fish a comfortable environment that makes them feel like they’re at home, safe, and happy.

Having the right heater, filters, tank size, and providing the right treatment for your fish is important. But it can be even more important that you have the right aquarium stand for your fish. Aquarium stands are responsible for effectively providing your aquarium the stable and sturdy ground that it needs to make sure your fish are safe.

Given the importance of having a high quality aquarium stand, here is a complete guide that I’ve put together for your convenience. Here you can find some information to reference to while you’re shopping for an aquarium stand that works for your specific needs as well as five of the best aquarium stands on the market.

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Different Types of Aquarium Stands


Wood aquarium stands


Wooden aquarium stands are able to make your fish tank fit in more in your home. Wooden stands usually fit in with the rest of your furniture in the room, whether you’re placing the fish tank in the living room, bedroom, or office. 

Wooden stands also give you more freedom in choice regarding the size, color, style, and you can even choose certain wood grains for your convenience.

Not only that, but you also have the ability to choose between wooden cabinets as well as wooden stands. Since wood can be sanded down, you also have the ability to paint it to be a certain color for your convenience. 

Wooden stands don’t offer as much storage underneath your tank, and you’ll also have to make sure that the wood has a protective coating overtop of the wood, since the water from the tank may damage the wood.

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Wrought iron aquarium stands


Wrought iron, or metal, aquarium stands are beneficial because of their stability. Most of them are painted black or another darker color, so you don’t have a wide range of options concerning the different colors of the metal aquarium stands, but you have more availability when it comes to the design and structure. Most tanks have four legs that help to support your tank fully.

Furthermore, most metal and wrought iron tanks are cheaper and don’t wobble or move around if you bump into them. Because of that, your fish won’t feel their tank moving around a large amount. You should make sure that the metal or wrought iron tank has a protective coating over the actual metal material, since the water from the tank may cause rusting or corrosion if it comes into contact for a longer period of time.

Now before going ahead, I came across this great DIY video on how to build an aquarium stand like a pro, check it out:

How to Choose the Best Aquarium Stand


How easy does the aquarium stand setup?

Choosing an aquarium stand that’s easy to setup if highly recommended for you because you don’t want one that’s going to take you hours to setup every time you want to move your tank to a different location. You should also make sure that the stand comes with the tools needed in order to set it up if you don’t have any tools of your own. You also don’t want a stand that’s difficult to set up because you won’t want to risk the stand getting assembled the wrong way and then falling apart.

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What style do you want for your aquarium stand?

Choosing a style that fits with the rest of your home decor is also important, since you don’t want the stand to take away from the beauty of the tank overall. Aquarium stands come in a variety of different styles and designs, so you should be able to find one that matches your home decor nicely. Think about what you want your stand to look like overall and where you want to place it in the room, and then go from there in your buying process.

How tall should your stand be?

Lastly, choosing an aquarium stand that represents a good height for your home decor as well as your interests is also important. You don’t want a tank stand that’s too tall, since that makes it more difficult to feed your fish and clean the tank. But you also don’t want one that’s too short, since having the tank too close to the ground would increase the risk of the tank’s getting damaged. You should make sure that the tank is able to rest on a stand that’s at a level that allows for you to comfortably interact with all of the fish in your tank.

Features to Consider Before Purchasing your Aquarium Stand


It’s important that you consider which material you want your aquarium stand to be made out of, since each material is able to offer varying benefits. You should choose a material that goes well with the rest of your home decor, and you should make sure that the stand is produced from a durable and water-resistant material.


Considering how much your fish tank weighs is extremely important because you’ll want to find an aquarium stand that’s able to support all of its weight. If you put your fish tank on a stand that’s too wobbly or isn’t constructed in order to withstand that much weight, then you risk your tank toppling over and crashing, which would be any fishkeeper’s nightmare.

Design and storage space

You should consider the design of the aquarium stand before you purchase it because it will ultimately determine how you can organize and setup the tank. Most stands will have a flat top in order for the fish tank to rest on top of, but some also have shelves on top of the tank resting area or storage space below the tank’s placement. You should consider purchasing an aquarium stand that’s able to offer a large amount of storage space, since you’’lol be able to organize your fishing equipment.

Style and shape

Considering the certain style and shape of the stand before buying the product is important because you’ll want a stand that’s able to support the entirety of the fish tank. In other words, you don’t want any corners or sides of your fish tank hanging off of the side of the stand, since that risks the aquarium falling and breaking. You should also consider the specific shape and size because you’ll want a stand that fits in the location that you’re planning on putting the tank and stand setup.

Without further due, find below our list of best aquarium stands to buy on amazon:

Best Aquarium Stands

1. Aqueon Forge Aquarium Stand

This Aqueon Forge Aquarium Stand is highly recommended for you because it comes with reversible wood panels, which give you the ability to switch the color wood that it displays from brown to black. This tank stand is durable enough to hold up to two separate aquariums if needed, since there are two different shelves that you can utilize.

The second shelf on the bottom of the stand is able to hold other aquarium equipment if you don’t have another aquarium to place on the stand. This stand also has an easy setup, since it comes with instructions and can be assembled in up to seven steps. Overall, it has a durable steel construction that’s coated with a rust-resistant powder finish to prevent corrosion or rust from damaging the material.


  • Affordable
  • Can fit up to two aquariums, both measuring 10 gallons each
  • Rust-resistant steel construction


  • Doesn’t have any storage space if you have two aquariums

2. Imagitarium Preferred Winston Tank Stand

You should consider purchasing this aquarium stand because it’s able to support a fish tank that measures up to 29 gallons of water. It presents a beautiful wooden construction that has cabinets that you can effectively store all of your fish care products. The wood material offers added durability for a solid construction.

Furthermore, this tank stand comes with an adjustable shelf that you can move around for your convenience when storing larger items in the cabinet. It has an espresso stain finish that adds a rich color to any home decor.


  • Affordable
  • 12.5 inches, so it fits into any room
  • Has cabinets for additional storage


  • Doesn’t have a protective coating for when it gets wet

3. Imagitarium Brooklyn Metal Tank Stand

You should check out this Imagitarium tank stand because it’s produced with a solid steel construction that’s able to support tanks that hold up to 40 gallons of water. This stand also has adjustable feet that can help you alter the height and level of the tank for your convenience.

Moreover, this stand goes with practically any home decor, and can effectively fit into a range of locations in your room, since it’s a simple rectangular design with an open bottom.


  • Holds up to 40 gallons
  • Durable steel construction
  • Sleek and modern design fits any home decor


  • Doesn’t have a protective coating from rust and corrosion

4. Ameriwood Home Wildwood Aquarium Stand

The Ameriwood aquarium stand is suggested for you because it can hold up to 55 gallons of water. It’s constructed with a rustic brown and gray undertone that’s able to look beautiful with any home decor. It also has a laminated particleboard with black metal hardware that helps to add a classy design.

In addition to these benefits, this stand has four doors and four shelves that you can store all of your fish care products on inside of the cabinet doors. The color of this stand also goes well with other furniture, so it’ll match well in your living room or bedroom.


  • Holds up to 400 pounds
  • Contains four storage shelves
  • Presents a rustic brown with a gray undertone for a modern and classy look


  • More expensive than other stands on the market

5. Aquatic Fundamentals Upright Aquarium Stand

The Aquatic Fundamentals stand is advisable for you because it has a durable design that comes with a powder coating in order to prevent any moisture from damaging the metal material. It’s constructed using a metal-to-metal design that adds stability and durability.

Additionally, this aquarium stand has double front doors that help you to hide any fish tank products or equipment, which helps add a beautiful look to your overall aquarium setup.


  • Solid top fully supports all aquariums up to 55 gallons
  • Contains a powder-coated finish
  • Double front doors for hiding additional equipment and care products


  • More expensive than some other stands on this list

Conclusion on finding the best aquarium stand

conclusion on ideal fish stand to buyOverall, each of the aquarium stands included on this list have the ability to offer you a wide range of benefits, including the ability to provide the adequate support needed to offer safety to the fish in your tank.

Each of them are also able to fit well with a variety of home decors, and they even have additional coatings over the material in order to provide protection from the water of the fish tank.

Given these benefits, you should purchase one of the aquarium stands from this list. But it can be difficult to choose the best one for your specific needs.

Consequently, you’re most recommended to purchase product #4: Ameriwood Home Wildwood Aquarium Stand. This tank stand is able to support up to 55-gallon tanks for your convenience. More only that, but it has four doors that each open up to a shelf that you can store different products in. Given these benefits as well as multiple others, you should purchase the Ameriwood Home Wildwood Aquarium Stand on the market.

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