Best Rocks for Freshwater Aquarium : Our Complete Buying Guide

Since fish are in their best state when they’re around their natural environment, you may want to consider designing your aquarium so that it matches the environment that they would typically experience in their natural habitat. More specifically, you may want to purchase certain equipment and decorations in order to create a similar natural environment.

For instance, you should have tank equipment like lighting sources, water filters, and water heaters in order to mock their natural habitat. Other than that, you may want to make the aquarium more natural by adding live plants, gravel, and other fish that they would naturally see. In addition to those decorations, you should also consider purchasing rocks for your freshwater aquarium. Rocks help to make your environment look comfortable, natural, and they offer a variety of benefits.

But you shouldn’t put just any type of rocks in your aquarium tank, since some may be dirty, ineffective, or even harmful. Given that it can be difficult to choose the rocks that will offer the best benefits for your specific fish tank, here is a complete guide containing information that I’ve compiled in order to help you on your journey to finding the best rocks for your freshwater aquarium. Additionally, here are the best rocks for freshwater aquarium.

Different Types of Aquarium Rocks


Sedimentary rocks

Sedimentary rocks include marl, limestone, sandstone, breccia, conglomerate, and shale. These types of rocks are formed from pre-existing rocks as well as pieces of once-living organisms. They’re able to form deposits, and they have distinctive layering within the rock altogether. These rocks are great for freshwater aquariums because they’re commonly found in many rivers and lakes around the world (1).

Igneous rocks

Igneous rocks are defined as rocks that are formed throughout the cooling and solidification processes or lava. And the magma is produced from other pre-existing rocks. Different types of igneous rocks that can be effective in aquariums include dolerite, gabbro, and basalt (2).

Metamorphic rocks

Lastly, metamorphic rocks can also be used in aquariums, since they’re produced from the rearrangement of certain mineral s or reactions with other types of rocks. These rocks can even be changed into other types of rocks when they’re pressurized or placed in varying temperatures. Metamorphic rocks that are suitable for aquariums include ones like quartzite, dolomite, marble, slate, gneiss, or even phyllite (3).



Bacteria growth

Some outdoor rocks are capable fo growing bacteria on them, so they could potentially cause harm to the fish in your tank if you simply place them in there. Because of that, you should refrain from taking rocks from dirty locations.


It’s important for you to choose a rock that doesn’t break into pieces and represents a strong formation. This is because other brittle rocks can break apart in the water of your aquarium and little pieces can cause damage to your water filter, other aquarium equipment, or even your fish if they consume the small pieces of rock.

No metal

Don’t put rocks that contain metal into your aquarium, since metal has the ability to rust and then can cause your fish to become sick.

Clean them beforehand

It’s also important that you clean your rocks before putting them into your aquarium with your fish. Even if you buy them from online, rocks have the ability to still have bacteria or other harmful substances or debris on them. Because of that, you’re recommended to clean them by boiling them in hot water before placing them in the tank (4).

Best Rocks For Freshwater Aquariums Reviews


1. Marina Naturals Rock Outcrop

Product link:

This aquarium rock is highly recommended for you to check out because it’s able to offer a natural and beautiful look to practically any type of aquarium. It’s able to mimic natural rocks that you would find in the lakes, rivers, and streams that you would likely find your fish in.

Furthermore, this aquarium rock is recommended for you because it’s safe and non-toxic. Given that it’s not a live rock, this rock isn’t able to change any of the water chemistry of your fish tank at all. It can also be securely successfully, so you don’t have to worry about it moving around with the water or by the fish touching it.


  • Measures more than 6 inches in length
  • Mimics natural rocks from streams, lakes, and rivers
  • Non-toxic


  • Not a live rock, so your fish can’t benefit from that

2. Carib Sea Life Rock

Product link:

This Carib Sea rock is recommended for you because it’s classified as a live rock, so your fish can benefit from the filtration that this rock offers. Not only that, but this rock is real petrified coral, so you don’t have to worry about the rock simply only offering a natural appearance.

In addition to that, this rock is clean and pure, so it doesn’t contain any chemicals or bleach. Given that, it’s completely safe to store away in your aquarium tank. Lastly, this rock measures a total of 20 pounds, so it’s able to attach securely in your tank.


  • Featured as real petrified coral
  • Clean and pure
  • Live rock


  • More expensive than some of the other rocks on this list

3. Carib Sea South Sea Base Rock for Aquarium

Product link:

The Carib Sea South Sea Rock is able to offer you a wide range of benefits, including the ability to support healthy pH levels in your aquarium tank. More specifically, this rock contains calcium carbonate that’s able to keep the pH levels of your tank within a healthy range. This rock is safe for all types of tanks, since it’s able to fit in either marine systems or freshwater systems.

Moreover, this product is great for you because it was formed from the natural weathering processes of the South Seas. Given that, this rock was created naturally, so it’s able to give off a natural look to your fish tank.


  • Durable and natural
  • Made with limestone
  • Contains calcium carbonate that supports healthy pH levels


  • More expensive

4. Nature’s Ocean Coral Base Rocks for Aquarium

Product link:

You’re advised to check out this Nature’s Ocean aquarium rock because it’s able to offer biological filtration, since it’s naturally porous. Not only that, but this aquarium rock is free of Biofilm that can negatively affect your fish tank.

Furthermore, this rock is able to quickly adapt to its live environment, and it won’t negatively affect and alter the chemical balance of your aquarium water. Given that, you can easily place these rocks into your tank without having to worry about harming your fish. This rock was also soaked in deep water in order to prevent any leeching from taking place.


  • Weighs 40 pounds so it can fit securely into your tank
  • Soaked in deep water to prevent any leeching
  • Quickly adapts to the water in your aquarium


  • Comes in chunks, rather than one full-size rock

5. ARC Reef Dry Base Rock

Product link:

The ARC Reef Dry Base Rock is able to offer you a large array of beneficial features, including the ability to place 10 pounds of rock into your tank. This product comes with a rock that’s separated into pieces, which you can conveniently place around your aquarium to look more natural.

Not only that, but this aquarium rock is highly recommended for you because it was harvested to be environmentally-friendly and was mined from the Earth rather than being extracted from an actual coral reef. Additionally, this rock requires no curing and is ready upon arrival to be placed into your aquarium.


  • Affordable
  • Calcium carbonate based
  • Extremely porous


  • Not recommended if you want one large rock




Overall, each of the aquarium rocks included on this list have the ability to offer you a wide range of beneficial features, including the ability to make your freshwater aquarium look natural, healthy, and they can even make your fish’s overall aquarium experience positive.

Given these benefits, you should consider purchasing one of the products on this list, but it can still be a lengthy process attempting to find the best one for your specific needs. Because of that, you are most recommended to purchase the best rocks for freshwater aquarium, which is product #5: ARC Reef Dry Base Rock. This rock offers you a wide range of benefits, such as the ability to place several pieces of rock throughout your aquarium tank. This helps your tank look more natural.

Not only that, but this aquarium rock offers biological filtration, since it’s porous, and it required no curing. Additionally, this product was harvested using environmentally-friendly means, and it’s calcium carbonate based. Given these benefits, you should purchase the ARC Reef Dry Base Rock on the market.

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